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Sunday, October 27, 2002

"Irresistible Forces" Anthology Delayed
Catherine Asaro, editor of the highly anticipated romantic science fiction anthology IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, recently posted the following in her newsgroup at

One piece of news on a current anthology. The publisher for =Irrisistible Forces= is excited about it and thinks this antho has the potential to be a Big Book. They are talking about giving it the kind of push that New York Times bestsllers get (!!). Of course we are all thrilled with this. The only drawback is that they want more time to set up the promotion, which means ... the anthology is going to be delayed. They want to release it at Valentine's Day, so we are talking February 2004. It is a disappointment that it will be delayed, but with a reason this good, it is hard to be too disappointed.

Major bummer. But, you know, there're supposed to be a series of romance/sf cross-over anthologies from Harlequin, too. One of them, CHARMED DESTINIES, has stories by Mercedes Lackey, Catherine Asaro, and Rachel Lee. Another (darker fantasy one) is supposed to have stories by Tanith Lee, Susan Krinard and ???. I wonder what the release dates on these are. Anyone know?

Posted by Preeti [Link]

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

Ari, the heroine, is the last witch in her family. She and her family had guarded and taken care of the land she lives on for years. But now it's not safe to be a witch. Songs are being sung that make witches look evil and an inquisition is hunting, torturing, and killing them. The Fae are also in peril. The roads connecting the Fae to the mortal world are slowly closing and they have to find out why.

I moderately recommend this book. This is my first Bishop book -- and I don't know if some of it was the expectations after hearing so many raves about her previous books -- but I found this a slow starter and had no trouble frequently putting it down...--Linda

Posted by Preeti [Link]

Monday, October 21, 2002

Annette Curtis Klause's next book
I went to local author Annette Curtis Klause's reading from her next book at a local sf convention. It is set in 1899. A boy raised in a circus among the "freaks" has a vision of an exotic woman in a faraway place...and I'm already forgetting everything else in the first two chapters. Except the really great description of circus life.

In any case, Klause said if she finished the book by the end of the year, we might see it in bookstores in Fall 2003.

I also read Klause's THE SILVER KISS again. This one's a short vampire novel about a teenager dealing with death and loss. She encounters a vampire and gets involved in his quest to avenge a murder. It's not a romantically happy ending...more like one of those sad yet uplifting ones that stay with you for a long time. Check THE SILVER KISS out at Amazon.

Posted by Preeti [Link]

Annette Curtis Klause's BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE
 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

Meeting Annette Curtis Klause had me wanting to re-read BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE. But I had to obtain it from the library so that I wouldn't put stress on my newly-autographed hardcover copy. (Collecting is such a sickness.)

If you haven't read BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, it's about Vivian, a young werewolf who falls in love with a human in her school. She longs to reveal herself to Aiden, but it's strictly forbidden by pack Law and politics. And pack life is becoming very complicated because of a leadership vacuum. Humans are being killed by an unknown werewolf in the pack. Vivian is having strange episodes which lead her to think she might be the killer. Added to this is the fact that Gabriel, the dangerous young werewolf who looks to take over the pack, has become a threatening presence in Vivian's life. Does he want her? Will he kill her anyway if he finds out her secrets? Teenage issues on a monstrous scale. Riveting stuff.

American Library Association's list of the most frequently challenged books of 2001.

10. Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause for being sexually explicit and unsuited to age group.

I'm sure there could be cross-over readership between BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE and Kelley Armstrong's BITTEN.

Posted by Preeti [Link]

Sunday, October 13, 2002

From the October 2002 Locus
-Catherine Asaro sold SUNRISE ALLEY to Baen.
-Carol Berg sold new fantasy "Avonar" trilogy to Roc.
-David Weber & Eric Flint sold a new "Honor Harrington" book to Baen.
-Wen Spencer delivered third "Ukiah Oregon" novel BITTER WATERS to Roc.
-- From Locus

Posted by rebekah [Link]

Monday, October 7, 2002

Anne Logston feature

A new feature article! Learn about Anne Logston, an author you might have missed ... and find out why you might have missed her. Then read the interview with Logston, who talks about publishing woes, parental lynch mobs, and her favorite guilty pleasure.

Posted by rebekah [Link]

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Kinuko Craft, the 2003 calendar
 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

Hot dog! I love Kinuko Craft's art. Her richly detailed, romantically glowing artwork is found on tons of books covers. And now she has a calendar coming out. I'm so glad Craft's work is more widely available through these commercial deals. A few years ago I couldn't even find a poster of her art--and I was looking! (Now, however, I have a lovely poster that doesn't match my decor and thus has never left its packaging. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll redecorate around the poster.)

Posted by Preeti [Link]

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that Cary Elwes (remember him from THE PRINCESS BRIDE?) will be playing the villain in the movie version of Gail Carson Levine's ELLA ENCHANTED. The news to me was that there was going to be a movie made from the book at all.

A whole bunch of us on this site loved the novel ELLA ENCHANTED.

Update: Also at Sci Fi Wire, star Anne Hathaway talks about the movie, and Jimi Mistry talks about the movie.

Posted by Preeti [Link]


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