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Annette Curtis Klause
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Who recommends: JW, Preeti, Shelley, Linda, Edith, Catie
Who discommends: Lori

A modern day story of a werewolf girl who falls in forbidden love with a human boy at a time when her clan is in transition and turmoil. Surprising level of sensuality for a YA.--Preeti

This was another book that I took out of the library, started, and put down, I'm not sure why.--Lori

I listened to this on tape and found the experience frustrating because there are several suspenseful bits in it and I was frantic for the reader to TALK FASTER! ...the author did an excellent job in transforming an initially repellent character into a "good guy". And the ending is perfect.--Edith (01 Jan 00)

I loved this book too!--Linda (02 Jan 00)

First off BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE by Annette Curtis Klause (courtesy of Edith) Please add me to the recommends; it was a very enjoyable book - it must have been since i sat up till 3.30 am to finish it. Vivian acts like a very real teenager coming to grips with the onset of her sexual self, and I particularly liked the way pack politics intruded on what were in many ways unremarkable human lives. What I'd like to know from those who *listened*, is, do you still get those awful cringe moments, when you want to shout good advice at the character? I often find I have to get up and walk about when reading... but suspect that if listening I'd end up shouting at the tape!!--Catie (04 Jan 00)

If you haven't read BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, it's about Vivian, a young werewolf who falls in love with a human in her school. She longs to reveal herself to Aiden, but it's strictly forbidden by pack Law and politics. And pack life is becoming very complicated because of a leadership vacuum. Humans are being killed by an unknown werewolf in the pack. Vivian is having strange episodes which lead her to think she might be the killer. Added to this is the fact that Gabriel, the dangerous young werewolf who looks to take over the pack, has become a threatening presence in Vivian's life. Does he want her? Will he kill her anyway if he finds out her secrets? Teenage issues on a monstrous scale. Riveting stuff.--Preeti (22 Oct 02)

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