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Gail Carson Levine
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Rebekah, Lori, Shelley, Edith, Catie, Isabel, Linda, Margaret
Who discommends:

A wonderful retelling of the Cinderella story (though I was dense and didn't realize that for a while, despite the name). The girl is cursed with always obeying any command she is given, no matter who does it. She goes through great contortions to try and break the spell.--Rebekah

Put me down on the recommend list for ELLA ENCHANTED. I really enjoyed this one. I especially loved the fact that Ella was the one who found solutions to her problems and was the one who broke her curse. I also loved the letters between Ella and Char. There is something about correspondance in stories - I always find it fascinating.--Shelley

Now this was more like it! I probably wouldn't have read it straight after BEAUTY if I'd realised before I started that this was also a fairy story re-telling. But this was excellent. Very imaginative and lightly humorous, this tale deepens and extends the traditional Cinderella story. Love triumphs but Ella has to find the strength within herself. I Highly recommend this book.--Catie

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