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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Happy News from Anne Bishop
book cover
According to a post by Anne Bishop on the romanticsf yahoogroup, she has received official word that Roc bought a four-novella collection of stories about the "Black Jewels" characters, as well as two novels that will be set in a new world. She's going to be a busy writer until the end of 2005!

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Saturday, March 8, 2003

Harlequin has announced the name of their new Romantic SF line:

** Luna **

From eHarlequin:
"Powerful, alluring, mythic, elemental—magical.
Luna Books delivers a compelling, female-focused fantasy with vivid characters, rich worlds, strong, sympathetic women and romantic subplots.
Luna Books wants emotionally complex, sweeping stories that highlight the inner female power. Whether the heroine is on a quest to save the world—or someone or something important to her--discover her past or develop her own abilities, these stories are involving, gripping and sweep the reader away into a detailed, convincing world. They also contain romantic subplots that enhance the main story, but don’t become the focus of the novel." [more]

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Some teasers from the March Locus

March is the forthcoming books issue, pick it up! Brief Locus plug: We only put news here that we think all our readers will be interested in, but there is so much more that you personally might be interested in that we'd never think to post. It's an informative, thorough, and well-put-together magazine. You'll never believe what you've been missing!

A few random bits until we get more time--
Forthcoming: Robin McKinley, SUNSHINE, Berkley, October 2003
Forthcoming: Katherine Kurtz's IN THE KING'S SERVICE, Ace, October 2003 -- the first Childe Morgan book. (This replaces a short story Kurtz wrote and then apparently decided to scrap once she realized she was going to turn it into a novel.)
Announced: Lois McMaster Bujold sold the third (untitled) book in the series that started with CURSE OF CHALION.
Announced: Patricia Briggs sold a fantasy duology about a traveling mage.

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 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

From the NAL catalog--
"From Carol Berg, acclaimed author of the Rai-kirah series, comes the epic story of Aidan MacAllister, a musician beloved by the gods, whose voice and harp could transform the souls of men ..."

And more info from the Carol Berg website--
"How much is required of a man chosen by a god?"
"Aidan MacAllister is a broken man. Seventeen years of torment have accomplished what his captors wanted. The music he once used to provide a glimmer of beauty and hope to the people of war-ravaged Elyria is dead. The god who nurtured his talent since boyhood has abandoned him. Courage, honor, pride, and fame have been left behind in the bowels of a Ridemark prison. His voice is silent, his hands ruined, his heart a desert. Now if only he knew why."

It's coming out in May and does look like a standalone.

[see our thoughts on other Berg books ...]

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Friday, March 7, 2003

TITHE by Holly Black -- Laurie's Review

Check it out at Amazon. -->

I *loved* this book, Preeti. Thanks a million for the recommendation.

TITHE is a real page-turner. I especially enjoyed its bleak, but never overwhelmingly depressing, look at life from a jaded sixteen-year-old's point of view. Even before Kaye discovers the world of faery her world isn't that of your typical teenager. Because of her upbringing and lack of parental support she's got an edge about her that makes her refreshingly interesting. She smokes, talks tough, and holds her own against the flaky, ineffective adults and self-absorbed teens that inhabit her world. Though she's self-reliant and insightful, she's still a teenager prone to emotion, moments of selfishness and wicked thoughts of revenge. Her faults, as well as her strengths, are the reason I enjoyed her character so much.

Her conflicted feelings for Roiben -- is he tortured hero or cold-hearted fiend? -- are also another fascinating aspect of the story. Their emerging romance manages to be sensual, touching, and anything but the same-old, same-old. If you're tired of angelic, nauseatingly good heroes and heroines, don't worry, because you won't find any here!...--Laurie


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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Lee & Miller's THE TOMORROW LOG -- Linda's reaction
 <-- Check it out at Amazon.

For those who are wondering if this could possibly be as good as their Liaden books, I say a resounding YES!!!! I loved every minute of reading this and HIGHLY recommend it. :-) I'm just sorry it's over but hope to look forward to more books in this series. It's hard to believe that this is yet another book they had written earlier that their old publisher didn't want!?

The hero, Gem ser'Edrith, is an electronic whiz and freelance thief with his own set of rules. When he refuses to change these rules and accept a job from a planetary crime boss, she brings hard persuasion tactics to bear. At the same time, Gem's past catches up to him in the form of heroine Corbinye Faztherot--kin, crew and worldwalker. She's sent on a mission to right the wrong done him by returning him to his rightful place as their captain so that he can fulfill the prophecy in the Tomorrow Log. Something Gem is not willing to do and at a time when his enemy is looking for any weakness to use against him.

I couldn't begin to explain the intricate plot and characters in this book and if I could I wouldn't. It's too enjoyable having it unfold on its own. But it does have a romance in it and I loved those spiders. Something I never thought to say. :-) --Linda

[more on their last book, I DARE...]

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