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Friday, March 31, 2006

MICAH by Hamilton - Anita keeps it simple (Linda)

This LKH book is much thinner and double spaced, something I might have complained about in the past but with my poor eyesight, appreciate more now.

Also a much less complicated plot. Due to an emergency, Anita takes a job to animate a deceased witness for the FBI. Unfortunately it entails flying, which Anita does not enjoy. Micah comes along to help her handle any ardeur emergencies.

I enjoyed it. I have to admit one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was Anita was with ONE man for a change!! I still miss that in her other books. Gets pretty crowded in her bed. I enjoyed finding out more about Micah and I do enjoy seeing her using her animation skills as a job again. There is just enough danger involved to keep things interesting.

Oh and there is a peek into her next book, DANSE MACABRE, that will make me HAVE to read it. Anita might be pregnant!! --Linda


Oh, man I hope not. That would be wrong on so many levels --Laurie

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

News from the March 2006 Locus

The March 2006 Locus features interviews with Robert Jordan and Harry Harrison, as well as forthcoming books through December 2006.

Some good stuff this month:
-Diana Wynne Jones was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Bristol, to be presented summer 2006. The film version of her book HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, directed by Hayao Miyazkim, has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Feature Film category.
-Sarah A. Hoyt sold three books in a Victorian fantasy series -- THE HEART OF LIGHT, THE SOUL OF FIRE, and HEART AND SOUL - to Bantam.
-Carrie Vaughn sold two new Kitty Norville books to Warner.
-Kim Harrison sold three new books in her Dead Witch Walking series, and resold the first three volumes, to HarperCollins Voyager. HarperTorch publishes the series in the US.
-Kelly Armstrong sold the tenth Women of the Underworld novel to Bantam Spectra.
-Keri Arthur sold the first book in her Destiny Kills fantasy series, a second book in her Riley series begun with FULL MOON RISING, and a third novel to Bantam Spectra.
-Maria V. Snyder sold book three in her Poison Study series, and the first two books in a new fantasy series, to Luna Books.
-C.E. Murphy sold fantasies THE QUEEN'S BASTARD and PRETENDER'S CROW, "set in the fantasy equivalent of Reformation Europe," to Del Rey.
-Linnea Sinclair sold romantic SF novels GAMES OF COMMAND, DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES, and CHASIDAH'S CHOICE to Bantam Spectra.
-New writer Blake Charlton sold his Spellwright trilogy, where "spells must be literally spelled correctly," to Tor.
-Michael Schiefelbein sold VAMPIRE MAKER, latest in his Victor series, to St. Martin's.
-Charlaine Harris resold her first six Aurora Teagarden mystery novels to Ace and delivered GRAVE SUPERIOR, second in her Harper Connelly series, also to Ace.
-Holly Black delivered OF SOUND MIND to McElderberry Books.
-Simon Green delivered his seventh Nightside novel to Ace.
-Rosemary Clement Moore handed in HELL WEEK, sequel to PROM DATES FROM HELL, to Delacorte.
-Terry Pratchett's HOGFATHER is being adapted as a two-part, four-hour movie for Britian's Sky One TV network, to air Christmas 2006.
-Film right to Isabel Allende's YA fantasy trilogy, including CITY OF THE BEASTS, KINGDOM OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON, and FOREST OF THE PYGMIES, went to Walden Media with Barrie Osborne producing and David Rothenberg adapting and co-producing.

Posted by rebekah [Link]


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