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Diana Wynne Jones
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Lynn, Rebekah, Danielle, Tanya, Margaret
Who discommends: Barbara

FIRE AND HEMLOCK is a rendition of Tam Lin, where the girl has to defend her lover against the wiles of the Faery Queen. Jones has never done another book like it. It's definitely a romance, but it's not light and quick like some of her other books. Still, it's rewarding.--Preeti

I enjoyed it a great deal (I have a particular fondness for variations on Tam Lin). I did realize after I'd started it that I'd read it a long, long time ago (it was published in 1985). I liked the mystery of it, though I could wish the ending were a little more straightforward.--JW

The main character in this book spent a lot of time hazy about what was going on and that's kind of the way I felt too. I think I liked the book, but I'm not quite sure ... :)--Rebekah

Sorry, I don't recommend FIRE AND HEMLOCK. It was the first DW Jones I tried and my expectations may have been too high. Preeti may have mentioned it is a bit out of character for her books. I recall it being somewhat dark and I found myself skipping ahead to see if there was a point to the story at all.--Barbara

DWJ has written (may I use this opportunity to strongly recommend 'Hexwood', which also has non-doomed romance and a wonderful description of coleslaw?). I think this is one of her strongest romance threads yet ...--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

A wonderful book! I adored the first time I read it and it is still on one of my top 10 lists. I recommend it frequently and it was the first book in my "Tam Lin" collection. I don't know that I would really count it as SFR as the romance only really starts at the end of the book.--Margaret (15 Oct 00)

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