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Monday, May 1, 2006

CRYSTAL DRAGON by Lee&Miller; - Bittersweet but interesting (Leila)
Crystal Dragon

Just finished it. A bit bittersweet, of course. Interesting take on chaos, order, destruction, life. I can't say it's my favorite of the Lee&Miller; works, but it's a fine book.

I may have been asleep but there were a few transitions in the book that seemed rough to me. One, the initial sorcerer sequence and its place in the story. Who were these people? Why did their masters require the help of these women? I didn't get it.

Two, Cantra becoming the inept mathematician. We know she's about to kill a personality, but when in this book or the previous did this very special skill of hers appear?

And, biggest of all, the evacuation of the ruling families of Solcintra. One minute I was onboard Cantra's new ship exploring it with her, and the next thing we know, the planet's being evacuated. The in-between part was a bit of a blur for me, and perhaps I need to go have a reread.

So we now have the complete elements of the origins of Liad and the founding of Clan Korval, and tree. I want more stories taking place after the events of I Dare! --Leila

--CRYSTAL DRAGON at Amazon, The Great Migration Duology, Book 2
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--CRYSTAL SOLDIER at Amazon, The Great Migration Duology, Book 1

Posted by rebekah [Link]


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