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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 5
2002, Feb, Meisha Merlin

Who recommends: Shelley, Linda, Edith, Robin, Leila
Who discommends:

I just finished Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's I DARE. Absolutely loved it - it is a definite recommend.

I DARE is not the book to start with if you have never read any of the Liaden books. It is a pivotal book in the series since it wraps up several ongoing threads and opens up many more possiblities.

I DARE picks up immediately after the events in PLAN B and follows two distinct story lines. The first is that of Miri, Val Con, Shan, Priscilla, Anthora, Nova and the Tree as they carry out PLAN B. The second story line follows their cousin, Pat Rin, who is cut off from the clan. Unsure of the fate of his clan members, Pat Rin starts laying the groundwork for a new Korval. Both story lines were fascinating to see unfold. I was completely absorbed in the book. So much happens that to go into too much detail would be to give away lots of spoilers. I loved the ending and cannot wait to see what the authors build next.

If I DARE has one flaw it is simply that it is not a stand alone. To fully apprectiate this book one really has to have read the books before it - CONFLICT OF HONORS, AGENT OF CHANGE, CARPE DIEM (all gathered in the omnibus PARTNERS IN NECESSITY) and PLAN B. While it is not as necessary to have read LOCAL CUSTOM and SCOUT'S PROGRESS, it would probably be nice because the characters from them are referred to several times. These two are collected in PILOTS CHOICE - but LC has been released as a paperback and SP will be in a few months.--Shelley (17 Feb 02)

Another high recommend!!! These books just keep getting better. I enjoyed getting to know Pat Rin and to see him change emotionally. He grew as a person and found his own HEA. And there was a lot more with Anthora. Lots of action. Lee and Miller juggled the many people involved perfectly. There are a couple of surprises at the end. Though this book is complete, something happens at the end that makes you think we will get to meet these characters in another book. :-) Thank goodness!!--Linda (25 Feb 02)

Unlike Linda, I've been in Liaden hell. I tried to read I DARE, but kept losing interest because the events of this story do not stand on their own. It's been years since I read the books upon which I DARE is based and I could barely remember a darn thing about them. I ended up skimming I DARE. I will have to set it aside until such time as I can reread the rest of the series.--Preeti (27 Feb 02)

Enthusiastic recommend for all Lee and Miller books.--Leila (04 Jun 02)

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