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Kathy Tyers
FIREBIRD (original edition)
book cover


Who recommends: JW, Edith, Lori, Barbara, Linda, Isabel
Who discommends:

It's excellent - sorta two segments - there's "training to be pilot and commit suicide" and then there's "get captured and discover the enemy values for the very skills your family wanted you to die for." Sequel is FUSION FIRE.--Barbara

Re: the new editions of Firebird and the sequel, Fusion Fire: One could wish she'd write a new book instead of Christianizing her old stuff.--Preeti (20 Mar 00)

Very true. But I have to admit I loved Firebird and tried the next 2 or 3 books of hers and was disappointed and quit reading her. They were very much hard sci fi and the romance was very small and I never was into hard sci fi.

I was very disappointed in Fusion Fire too. I'll have to read it again one of these days and see if I can judge it more impartially now. I loved the romance in the first book so much and felt the loss (not enough) of it in the next book.--Linda< br>
Liked it, started the sequel but couldn't get into it.--Isabel (16 Oct 00)

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