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Salinda Tyson
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, Julie, Linda, Barbara, Isabel
Who discommends:

Saw the comment about it being Lovers separated by distance - yep, through a good 3/4 of the book - and when they finally meet again - for the first time after their pretty nice wedding night - I was a little disappointed at the scene. Could have used a bit more tension. Way too little interaction for a great read, but definitely worth keeping.--Barbara

Pretty enjoyable story about a girl who started having dreams after her mother's death. Her mother told her to go North, where magic exists, so she didn't put up a fuss when her father sells her in marriage to a stranger. After all, he seems headed in the right direction. She then skips out on her new husband after the wedding night and tries to make her way to one of the great northern cities. But although physically apart, the two of them still connect through their dreams. Not a great book but not too bad either.--Isabel (21 Jan 00)

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