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Lisa Tuttle

1996 UK only

Who recommends: Catie, Rebekah
Who discommends:

This is a YA, the story of Danni who goes to stay with her godmother (Claire) in the wilds of NW Scotland. The first night she arrives Claire takes her out to a local bar where she hears and dismisses rumours that a black panther has been seen in in the area. Danni's more interested in the boy whose eyes met hers across the bar with something about them "that wouldn't let me look away". His name is Fin, two years older than Danni, the two of them become constant companions and Danni learns from Fin the truth about the Panther and about herself.

I read this in one sitting, it's a gripping and beautiful story, which compels the reader to accept the occasional lapse in logic. Tuttle's sensitive and subtle style is well suited to this combination call of the wild and coming of age tale.--Catie

I think this could be called a YA-SFR, in that there's definitely potential there. A good story for anyone who felt "different" as a teenager (and didn't we all?) Deft telling of an animal's feelings and instincts. I thought the revealation in the last chapter was a bit cheesy, but fine. Besides, I wanted to see her "aunt's" face when she told her ...--Rebekah (30 Sep 99)

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