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L.J. Smith

Night World Series Book 08

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Shelley, Tanya, Isabel, Linda
Who discommends:

I did finally finish the series. I actually loved all of them except Black Dawn. Which I still liked a lot but not as much as the others.

When Maggie's older brother turns up missing she suspects something wrong with his girlfriend's explanation. She follows her and becomes a prisoner and is being transported to a secret Night World society as a slave. I really liked the heroine and I think the only reason I liked it a little less was because she was expected to do sooo much. Change the mind of the vampire in charge , who luckily is her soulmate, free all the other slaves, find her brother and save him, etc. The fate of the world was on her shoulders.--Linda (20 Oct 99)

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