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L.J. Smith
book cover

Night World Series Book 09

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Shelley, Tanya, Isabel, Linda
Who discommends:

Finally got to meet some shapeshifters in this one. Keller is a shapeshifter who takes the shape of a black panther. She and her team are sent to protect a human teen who is suspected of being a wild power. They arrive at the same time as the enemy, who they have found have resurrected one of the old dragons... the worst, most evil and powerful of the first shapeshifters. Lots of fun to read.

I did miss having a werewolf as a hero but unfortunately werewolves don't have a good name in the Night world and aren't known as being very bright. Oh well, can't have everything.<g>--Linda (20 Oct 99)

WITCHLIGHT *is* a lot of fun. Both Keller and Galen are shapeshifters and they were amazingly mature about their responsibilities precluding their love. Makes the hea even better...--Isabel (20 Oct 99)

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