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L.J. Smith
book cover

Night World Series Book 07

Who recommends: Lori, Shelley, Tanya, Linda, Isabel, Preeti
Who discommends:

Jez Redfern and Morgead were once in the same vampire gang and used to get their kicks out of hunting humans. Til Jez recovered a memory that led her to find out she was half human. The h/h seem to have a love/hate relationship. The heroine can't believe Morgead could be her soulmate because if he finds out she's half human he'll kill her because he hates humans. There is also a new plot line where there is an old prohecy that has been found that tells of the end of the world approaching. In it 4 people with wild powers are mentioned as being able to save it but first they must be found and by the right people. Once again, an excellent book!!--Linda (7 Oct 99)

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