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Susan Sizemore

Book 2 of Laws of the Blood
2000, November, Ace
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Who recommends: Linda, Preeti, Suzanne, Shelley, Isabel, Leila
Who discommends:

I took my chances even buying this as I never finished the first book in the series . But this is MUCH better!! The heroine is a vampire enforcer. Certain vampires have a certain gene or something that makes it so they can go through a ritual that makes them something more. She can turn herself into a kind of wolf monster. The reason I enjoyed this so much more is I really like the heroine. She's a new enforcer and and really hasn't had to kill many. She can get dangerous at times but is also kind of shy and honorable. She is given orders to kill the hero, who is a human that found out about vampires and has been killing them since. Trouble is she really doesn't want to kill him so lets herself get involved in another mission that the hero ends up being involved in.<g> So you are left with, will she be able to kill him, or will he find out what she is and kill her first, or will their attraction be strong enough to stop them.<g> The plot was very good too. Well worth reading.--Linda (Nov 00)

I had found Sizemore's first book in the Laws of the Blood series, THE HUNT, readable yet slightly repellant. Humans as mere prey and a difficult vampire main character made the book a little too dark for my tastes. Still, I let hope overcome my wariness and just purchased PARTNERS months after it was released.

The result? I liked PARTNERS much better than THE HUNT. Because Charlotte in PARTNERS is a shy bookish type who comes into her own, she was more acessible and appealing. Char is a vampire enforcer, making sure other vampires don't break their society's laws. She's asked to take out a human hunter, but instead of killing him, she ends up working with him to find a missing young man.

I liked the cast of supporting characters in this one, and the tale was rather fast-paced and engrossing. The story is sprinkled with humor and ended with several surprising romantic couplings. Based on PARTNERS, I'll be more inclined to pick up the last(?) book in the series, COMPANION(?), when it's published.--Preeti (27 Mar 01)

I just finished Sizemore's PARTNERS, and liked it so much better than her first book in this series. It seemed much more coherently put together, and the meeting and eventual romance between the h/h was lots of fun to follow.--Suzanne (09 Jul 01)

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