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Susan Sizemore
book cover

Book 1 of Laws of the Blood
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Who recommends: Preeti, Shelley, Leila
Who discommends: Linda, Barbara, Isabel, Laurie

...Now if I could only get myself interested in continuing LAWS OF THE BLOOD.<sigh>--Linda (26 Sep 99)

Nah, it doesn't get any better. Well drawn characters, distinct, good action, well plotted, but I have the feeling - along with the fact it's first of a series - it was written to catch an audience that doesn't include me. More like a few of the Ravenlofts I've read, where bad people are the good guys - and they're the best in the story. Never truly sympathized or identified with any of the characters - lead or not. Everyone had their own agendas and briefly touched the lives of others - we have to stay together because we're of the Blood, but we don't like each other. Nope, technically a good book. Emotionally - skip it.--Barbara (27 Sep 99)

Well, here's my weak recommendation. I didn't like any of the characters in the book, but managed to be interested enough in the story to read to the end without skimming. That must count for something, right?--Preeti (13 Oct 99)

THE HUNT is a slow starter and I'm kind of thinking that it would've been better left buried in my tbr pile. . . but now I'm committed to finishing it. I hear the later books are better. Is this a have-to read in order to understand the series? I feel like I've been thrown smack dab in the middle of a meeting with a bad nest of vamps from BtVS or Blade II. "We want to eat 20 human scumbags and we won't settle for less than 20. Can't you see we're starving over here you rotten enforcer?" Just eat 20 freaking humans already and stop yer whining. I'm not liking these people, they just seem so eeevil and even worse they're not even funny. Ah well, I only got through the first twenty pages last night before getting distracted by my new Donnie Darko DVD (which is a fabulously dark and twisted movie) so maybe I'm judging it prematurely.--Laurie (11 Apr 02)

Life's too short, skip the first book and read the rest!

I read all three Sizemore vampire books earlier this year and unless you are as fanatical as I am about reading a series in order, I would advice against reading THE HUNT. It didn't have any characters I could sympathize with or care about and I was counting pages by the half way mark to see how much longer I would have to endure. The second book was much better and I really enjoyed the last one. If I hadn't been forewarned that the later books are much improved, I would have dropped the entire series a quarter of the way into the first book.--Isabel (11 Apr 02)

Disliked this one all the way through and absolutely would not have finished it if I hadn't committed to reviewing it [for another site]. I couldn't find a single character whom I could even remotely like and they all seemed very one dimensional. Add that to the overstuffed plot and I am one very bored reader. Put me down as a disrecommend on this one.--Laurie (19 Apr 02)

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