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Susan Sizemore
book cover

Book 3 of Laws of the Blood
2001, October Ace
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Who recommends: Linda, Preeti, Shelley, Isabel, Leila
Who discommends:

I highly recommend it. If you enjoyed PARTNERS you will enjoy this too. The hero is Istvan, chief of the Enforcers and he's one tough son of a gun. He was half vampire/human and everyone lives in fear of him. Except his forced companion, Selena, who is a cop. He was forced to make her a companion to claim her and save her life but he didn't want one and she doesn't like to be forced into anything. So you have 2 people bonded and with a red hot sexual attraction because of it but also trying to stay away from each other. Companions are supposed to be submissive to their masters but Selena is strong enough to fight those feeling and resist and Istvan can't help but like that. You learn a lot more about Companions in this book and its fascinating with a subplot of vampires getting killed but by who. Selena also comes from a family of witches. So you are left wondering if they will fall in love at the end or kill one another. <g>--Linda (25 Sep 01)

I was disturbed by the first book in this series because humans were so devalued by this vampire society, even by the vampires cast as "heros." In COMPANIONS, you find out that some of the human companions, including "king" vampire enforcer Istvan's, are secretly meeting online and fomenting some kind of revolution. This, despite the fact that these companions are psychically and sexually bonded (and potentially subservient) to their vampires. Hooray! I knew this was a book I could really get into, just like the last kick-butt installment. Who wants to read about sheep?

Istvan really doesn't want a companion, and Selena, a police detective, really doesn't want to be one. Great clash and tension between these two strong personalities as they try to resist each other and stop a powerful rogue vampire from destroying them and the vampire society. Great flashes of humor, too.

Plus, there's still enough intrigue about the nature of this vampire society to give Sizemore many more books in which to explore it. I hope she does.--Preeti (29 Oct 01)

I have also read Susan Sizemore's COMPANIONS and definitely recommend. I really enjoyed the tension between the two main characters and the fact that she in no way was going to give into the compulsion to become subservient.

I enjoyed COMPANIONS enough that I went back and read the first two books in the series THE HUNT and PARTNERS. Again, both are recommends and both deal with relationships. In the first, Selim is the enforcer of Los Angeles and his companion is Siri - who is not currently happy with the way their relationship is going. In the second, Char (short for Charlotte) is the vampire enforcer in Seattle and meets a human vampire hunter named Jebel Haven. They are both looking for a missing fledgling vampire. Their romance is fun - I have to admit, I found the ending chapter of this one to be a hoot.

I am hoping Sizemore writes a few more of these. --Shelley (30 Oct 01)

As to what else I've been reading, I finished the three Sizemore vampire books. You guys were right, THE HUNT is pretty bad but I was forewarned and so continued with the series. Skipping it is an excellent idea if one is not obsessed with starting a series from the beginning. PARTNERS was better. I liked Char (unlike those unsympathetic creatures from the first book) and her reactions to situations. But COMPANIONS is the best of the lot. Both Serena and Istvan are such strong characters that neither is overwhelmed by the other and I can understand the unwilling attraction they have for each other. However, I have serious doubts that such a huge fight can go on at the Navy Pier without the Chicago police swarming around the scene.--Isabel (01 Mar 02)

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