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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 4
1999, Meisha Merlin

Who recommends: Lynn, Preeti, Shelley, Suzanne, Lori, JW, Leila, Linda, Edith, Robin, Leila
Who discommends:

Just to leap on topic for a second - I have finished CARPE DIEM and am almost through PLAN B and all I can say is I hope they write more. I love these books. I love the way the romances between both Priscilla and Shan and Val Con and Miri are described, how they overcome problems as a team. I can be put down as an enthusiastic recommend for all of them.--Shelley

I just finished Plan B over the weekend, and am seriously thinking about tracking down some of the stories. You can put me down for a recommend for Plan B. I had a few problems with the story, possibly because I was reading it on the subway and had trouble of keeping track of all the fighting, but I definitely want to know what happens to those characters.--Lori (02 Apr 00)

I highly recommend it. I loved everything about it. PLAN B starts where CARPE DIEM left off. It totally grabs you and doesn't let you go. Priscilla gets to meet her Liaden family just in time for an Yxtrang attack. I really enjoyed meeting an Yxtrang for the first time and his interaction with Val Con. I enjoyed meeting the surprise character at the end with his surprising happy news. And I will never get tired of Edger and Sheather.--Linda (25 Feb 02)

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