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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 3

Who recommends: Edith, Preeti, Linda, Lynn, Shelley, Suzanne, Lori
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I think there were lovely romantic bits in there between the h&h; from AGENT OF CHANGE. Interestingly enough, I didn't find AGENT OF CHANGE a convincing romance. It became convincing in CARPE DIEM, though.--Edith

I was really impressed by my reread of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's CONFLICTS OF HONOR, AGENT OF CHANGE, and CARPE DIEM. I was as caught up by the novels the second time around as I was the first time I read them (to the point of getting a little cranky if my reading time was interuppted).

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Although CONFLICTS OF HONOR is still my favorite, I found myself really caught up with the relationship between Miri and Val in the other books - especially when they were on planet and trying to fit into a new culture. I am really looking forward to Miri meeting Val's family.--Shelley (04 Mar 00)

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