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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 1,2,3
2000 February, Meisha Merlin

Who recommends: Margaret, Danielle, JW, Robin, Leila
Who discommends:

Last week I received a copy of PARTNERS IN NECESSITY from Isabel. Using a great deal of will power (helped by there being a lot of other books in the box) I put off reading it until the weekend. So much for Saturday! I may not have got anything useful done but I did have a lovely time reading. The collection contains CONFLICT OF HONORS, AGENT OF CHANGE and CARPE DIEM. I thought they were very good and now desperately want the next one. The romance level was higher than in most SF but not high enough to tip the books into the "romance with exotic setting" category. The SF background seems to have been well thought out. Well enough, anyway, that nothing grated. The characters were well-drawn and interesting, and I would like to read more about them. My only objection is that I was slightly disappointed, in COH, that the villains' main motivation was madness. I always think this is a bit of a cop-out.--Margaret (16 Oct 00)

Finally got a chance to read all of these in the omnibus format (thanks everybody!). Recommend all of them, but especially AGENT OF CHANGE.--Danielle (18 Oct 00)

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