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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 2
Del Rey

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Linda, Lynn, Shelley, Edith, Suzanne, Shelly
Who discommends:

This one was slow going at first for me, then about 50 pages in I was caught and ended up just loving it. I actually ended up getting a little cranky because I was interupted while reading!

I really liked the h/h and just loved Edger - I am still missing book 2, but have 3 and 4 and a hoping for more "Turtle" interaction.--Shelley

I found AGENT OF CHANGE in one of the used book stores out here and read it yesterday. It was a good one! I missed the good old rip-roarin' space operas that authors like EE Doc Smith used to write. Elizabeth Moon and LMB do some, but I can't think of anyone else whose books were as much fun as this one. And the turtles were great. I want a turtle for a big brother.--Shelly (19 Sep 1999)

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