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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Liaden Universe Book 1
Del Rey

Who recommends: Preeti, Edith, Lynn, Shelley, Suzanne, Isabel, Lori, Rebekah, Linda
Who discommends:

CONFLICT OF HONORS is my hands down favorite Liaden book. It seemed the one most straightforward like a Regency romance. Was the name Shan? He seemed very Scarlet Pimpernelesque. Or maybe Duke of Avon-ish (Heyer's THESE OLD SHADES)?--Preeti

This read in many ways like a space Regency. Your comment about the Captain reminding you of the Duke of Avon kept running through my head as I read it. Could you put me down as an enthusiastic recommend for this one? I loved it. I really liked the respect Shan consistently shows Priscilla and the way her growth was portrayed. Wonderful.--Shelley

This was the Liaden book that I was dying to read and I finally received a copy for Christmas. I did enjoy it and can definitely see Shades of Avon in Shan. But, it didn't blow me away! Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood.--Isabel (21 Jan 00)

This one was good, I liked it better than the first. I'm on the third now.--Lori (10 Mar 00)

Finally read a Liadan book! Hubby used one of his "read this" coupons that I had given him once to "force" me too. :)

Sat down and read this from beginning to end. A lot of fun, enjoyed the main character Priscilla. A fairly straightforward story but a world that felt well-drawn and complex though we did not see much of it. The symbolism and language of the primary romance reminded me of Ann Maxwell's TIMESHADOW RIDER.--Rebekah (07 Jul 01)

You can change me to a recommend on this one now. When I reread the whole series recently I enjoyed it more the second time around.--Linda (02 Jun 02)

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