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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
book cover

Book 1
2003 March, Meisha Merlin
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Who recommends: Linda, Edith, Isabel
Who discommends:

For those who are wondering if this could possibly be as good as their Liaden books, I say a resounding YES!!!! I loved every minute of reading this and HIGHLY recommend it. :-) I'm just sorry it's over but hope to look forward to more books in this series. It's hard to believe that this is yet another book they had written earlier that their old publisher didn't want!?

The hero, Gem ser'Edrith, is an electronic whiz and freelance thief with his own set of rules. When he refuses to change these rules and accept a job from a planetary crime boss, she brings hard persuasion tactics to bear. At the same time, Gem's past catches up to him in the form of heroine Corbinye Faztherot--kin, crew and worldwalker. She's sent on a mission to right the wrong done him by returning him to his rightful place as their captain so that he can fulfill the prophecy in the Tomorrow Log. Something Gem is not willing to do and at a time when his enemy is looking for any weakness to use against him.

I couldn't begin to explain the intricate plot and characters in this book and if I could I wouldn't. It's too enjoyable having it unfold on its own. But it does have a romance in it and I loved those spiders. Something I never thought to say. :-)--Linda (3 Mar 03)

Finally read TOMORROW LOG and enjoyed it. There were several surprising and enjoyable plot twists. The Witness for the Telios was a marvelous understated character and the spiders were very appealing. Miller and Lee are terrific at creating interesting characters. Wouldn't mind reading more adventures set in this world.--Edith (9 Apr 03)

Another library book I finished recently is THE TOMORROW LOG. I enjoyed it quite a bit while reading and finished it in one sitting. Is it a rather short novel or did the action move at a fast enough clip that it just felt short? It's been a fortnight since I returned the book and now I find that the details have faded and I don't have any desire to reread bits here and there--the sure sign that a book has made an impression. It's all rather disappointing since I feel that I ought to love Lee and Miller, they've been compared to Heyer quite a bit, and I was hoping this book would inspire me to dive into the Liaden books.--Isabel (29 Apr 03)

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