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Claudia J. Edwards
book cover

Who recommends: Barbara, Linda, Shelley, Lynn, Isabel, Margaret
Who discommends:

She's a witch and a fighter. She's found a castle haunted by demons she has to rout. Along comes a Genghis Khan type "hail fellow well met" type that kinda grows on you. Doesn't stop her from coldcocking him - uh, refusing him - on their wedding night. Not long after they settle in comes trouble with the neighbors - other witches - and then a journey to get horses, valued commodities. And of course it's during these troubles she comes to appreciate Taharka. Lots of strings pulled together at the end.--Barbara

you can put me down as a mild recommend for this one. Runa is a wielder of magic and comes across a castle defended by ghosts set by the last inhabitants. She banishes these ghosts and is claimed by the castle's mythical guardian, the Silvercat, as the rightful mantic. The castle of course still needs a war lord to defend it which is where our grizzly hero appears. I had fun with the first part of the book, in watching Runa come to appreciate her barbarian and settle her castle. However, the last stratagem from the neighbours diminished the romance for me. I know we see all events filtered through Runa's perspective and she does understand and forgive all but I expect my heroes to be a little more... heroic? Not very reasonable to expect Taharka(?) to withstand all the magic thrown at him but hey, this is fantasy!--Isabel (21 Oct 99)

I enjoyed this book but wasn't sure what the author was aiming for. The characters didn't really ring true.--Margaret (30 Mar 00)

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