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Claudia J. Edwards
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Who recommends: Shelley, Linda, Margaret
Who discommends:

I did read A HORSEWOMAN IN GODSLAND- Claudia J. Edwards. Very enjoyable book with an unusual heroine who had sowed her oats early and earned a bit of a reputation for herself. She basically made herself unmarriageable. But she was very independent and interested in raising her horses. The hero is Bishop An-Shai and he sends his man to find someone to bring horses and teach his people how to use them. The Bishop is part of a very strange religion. I found it immensely interesting and slightly horrifying at times. Women are very much the lower class there and its quite a shock when the heroine arrives. Its the start of a battle of wills.

The only thing I didn't care for was that the hero became so intent on breaking the heroine that he went too far at times. Still it was a great book with fascinating characters and plot. Though I'm not sure exactly if it should be included as a romantic fantasy as described here though they did get together in the end.
There is an HEA, of sorts , but no love is acknowleged as yet. They are going to unite in marriage and plan to work together for change in his country. Also because they have bonded in a certain way during a battle in the overmind and may not be able to be apart. They have quite a way to go (with the heroine trying to get over an old love and the hero having to change his very nature) but there is an obvious fascination of sort that I'm sure will grow into love eventually. --Linda (08 Dec 99)

Interesting but low on the romance. I feel very dubious about the resolution and doubt whether the h/h can have much of a relationship.--Margaret (20 Mar 00)

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