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Teresa Edgerton
book cover

Maglore Book 1
2001, July, tpb

Who recommends: Preeti, Julie, Linda, Edith
Who discommends:

Has anybody on the list read THE QUEEN'S NECKLACE by Teresa Edgerton and have an opinion to share?

I saw it recommended on another list, but the reviews on Amazon are a bit mixed.--Danielle (23 Aug 01)

I just started reading it a couple of days ago and I'll venture my opinion so far. This is a book full of intrigue, adventure, and romance in a swashbuckling 17th century sort of setting.

I think if you like that whole Fantasy of Manners genre, you'd enjoy this book. You won't love it, but you'll find bits and pieces that are absolutely delightful.

The story is told from many viewpoints, but mainly from that of an estranged husband and wife. They were coerced into marrying each other as teenagers and decided that they'd live their own lives. Many years onwards, she's living in the country and secretly training to be a member of a secret sect of wizards. He's a hardened rake in the city and the captain of the queen's guard. The catch seems to be that he fell in love with his wife along the way, but that a barrier had already been created by his outrageous infidelities. Don't let me fool you, though, this journey from friendly estrangement to romance is only touched upon through the entire length of the story.

The drama comes from the fact that this is a world which had been ruled by goblins until humans rose up and conquered them. They thought they'd completely wiped out the goblin ruling class, the ones whose appearance was very human-like. But these Maglores have hidden and passed for human for a long time. Now one particular gobline puts a ruthless and cunning plan in motion to reclaim power from humans.

Intrigue and adventure aplenty as both husband and wife and many others, separately and together, are trying to figure out what's going on in the world around them. Lots of scenes given to the villians, who are fascinating.

Edgerton writes this mannered fantasy stuff, and sometimes it's delightful and sometimes its boring. But it's good enough that I'll plow through to the end. I'd say wait for the mass market pb instead of shelling out the tpb bucks.--Preeti (23 Aug 01)

Thanks Preeti for such a great review; and I will second almost everything you said. I just finished it this week, and enjoyed it very much. I'm a definite recommend. Edgerton's writing is crisp and sharp; her plot was quite intricate as Preeti stated above, and my only two quips would be: the romance, between husband and wife, was resolved too quickly, as is often the case, but it was still satisfying. I did think the ending was rather abrupt; and because we read from so many viewpoints and follow so many stories, we're a little cheated of some closure. But, probably because of that she has left it open for a sequel. All in all, an enjoyable book. It was fun to read her voice again.--Julie (26 Aug 01)

You can put me down for a high recommend on this book too. A bit of a slow buildup, though interesting all the same; there were just so many characters to meet. The Will and Lily relationship was a bit different, but I was able to accept it because of Lily. Will's part in it was harder to empathize with. And yet I became so engrossed in the plot and their romance that it was disappointing when Edgerton switched to other characters.<g> After about a third of the way through I couldn't put the book down.

I still haven't read GOBLIN MOON. But even though "Goblin" is in the name it isn't related or a prequel to this, is it?--Linda (8 Oct 01)

Recommend. I did think the problem with the relationship was resolved too easily.--Edith (19 May 02)

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