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02/13/2006 Entry: "Three SF Romance and an SF collection (Barbara)"

Here are three reviews of SF Romances and one Science Fiction collection that is only available through Science Fiction Book Club. [Not our core books to review, but I can only post the reviews I get! :) -- Rebekah]

Moon Witch

MOON WITCH by Linda Winstead Jones

I think this one was published as SF by Tor, not romance, though Jones is a romance writer. [Actually out from Berkeley Sensation --Rebekah] World building was okay but the focus of the book was with two stories and it was hard to follow both of them and piece them together. Maybe a fan of the multi-POV would have been more patient. Juliet lives in the woods with her sister and they are captured to be taken to the Emperor but on the way, she is rescued by a forest creature named Ryh, who takes her to his city. It seems she should become the next Queen of his people, if only she can quit worrying about her sister and what is going on in her other life. Not enough romance, weak conflict. --Barbara

Dragon Witch

DRAGON WITCH by Dolly Lien

I think put out by Imajinn. So much promise, so little bang. Tempest is born during a storm and bound to a golden dragon. First chapter deals with her birth and the storm - then a few chapters detailing young life. All I could think of was the old saying of "start the story as close to the end as you can". I think a great short story in there, padded to make it longer without any thought of the story. Halfway through the book, we meet Adrian, whom we learn is the golden dragon given human form. --Barbara

If Angels Burn

IF ANGELS BURN by Lynn Viehl

"A Novel of the Darkyn". Pretty good. A bit less coherent that I would have liked. Alexandra is a plastic surgeon called on to treat a reclusive patient. He just heals with extraordinary quickness so any surgery has to be done quickly - his eyes have been sealed shut by an injury that seemed to melt his face. A tale complicated by her brother John, who abandoned her when they were both children. Hard to keep the good guys and bad guys straight on this one - and a few sections not for the squeamish. --Barbara


DOWN THESE DARK SPACEWAYS, edited by Mike Resnick

Enjoyed this a collection of SF-mysteries put out by SFBC and only available through them. Catherine Asaro has an entry called "City of Cries", about an ex-military officer called upon to try to find a missing prince. It just seems he may have tried to escape his family - but things are not always what they seem. Written in first person, lots of action, meeting up with friends (and not friends) from the past. A low key romance with a romance scene (or two) and a well-planned rescue and wrap up. The final scenes with the prince, who goes back to his family, were a bit obligatory and maybe the best to be done with the situation. Our heroine left with her old-love-refound in the end, although not a clear HEA. --Barbara

--MOON WITCH at Amazon
--DRAGON WITCH at Amazon
--IF ANGELS BURN at Amazon

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I read the Moon Witch book and thought it was ok. I felt the same way you do about trying to follow too many stories - this book is the second in the trilogy and it looks as if the books are supposed to be more tied together than most romance books, even ones in trilogies. (The other two books are the Sun Witch and the Star Witch; I haven't read them and I'm not sure I really want to.)

Posted by Selia @ 02/14/2006 11:52 AM ET

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