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02/18/2006 Entry: "GHOSTS OF ALBION: ACCURSED by Benson & Golden -- A Keeper (Linda)"

Ghosts of Albion

This is probably a book I shouldn't have enjoyed because when you start reading it, you find you have missed part of the story. (But I actually already knew this but it sounded so good, I had to read it anyway.) In 2003 a BBC cult website debuted "Legacy", an animated serial drama by Amber Benson, which was the start of this story. It was followed up by "Astray" (a novella) and "Embers". They give you the website at the end of the book, so if you want to catch up before you start the book, check the place out. I didn't but while I missed out on some things, I was still caught up in the story and with the previous plot as it progressed. I will probably belatedly check these out, but really wish the authors had just wrote another novel about it so I had it to keep.

This book is set in 1838 England. William and Tamara Swift, siblings, inherited a legacy on the death of their grandfather (in the previous battle in the animated series), transforming them into the Protectors of Albion, mystical defenders of England against attacks of evil. With this legacy, they also have the help of the Ghosts of Albion: Lord Byron, Queen Bodicea and Lord Admiral Nelson and Nigel Townsend, a friend of their grandfather who is also a vampire.

As you get caught up with coming to know the characters and the previous events which ended with their father being possessed by the demon Obliss, you find a new threat occuring in the poor Indian section of England. Indian women are being raped and going through a rapid fatal pregnancies that end with the birth of horrific froglike creatures and men are also being infected and changing in horrible ways. Rakshasa are also being seen and attacking people and the threat is spreading. This book just grabs you and you don't want to put it down!! There is a start of a possible romance for Tamara and the continued romance between William and Sophia (which was started in previous episodes). The conflict that started in this book does get concluded but there is still unfinished business to take care of and a creapy teaser towards the end that makes me anxious to read the next book. A high recommend. Keeper status in my opinion. --Linda


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This is a very interesting book to read

Posted by E.T @ 03/01/2006 02:04 PM ET

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