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06/15/2004 Entry: "THE EYRE AFFAIR -- Linda"

The Eyre Affair

THE EYRE AFFAIR by Jasper Fforde

I remember talk of THE EYRE AFFAIR before, so I read it and really enjoyed it. It wasn't a book that I couldn't put down (which was nice since I had to put it down so much) but one that whenever I picked it up, I could still enjoy. I might even have liked it better that way. I loved the heroine, Thursday Next. She was so quietly brave, seeming to just do whatever needed done. Brave, that is, except when it came to her love life and her old flame Landen. The romance was very understated since it had occurred ten years ago and had ended when an event during a war both she and Landen were fighting in made her break up with him. But at least Thursday did have a HEA, even if it wasn't a large part in the book.

My mind wandered when it came to the ongoing war portions of the book, except for the big battle that Thursday was involved in and the ending, but I really enjoyed the different bureaucratic jobs--literary op, chronoguard (timetraveling), etc.--Fforde described in this alternate England. Thursday's father popping in and out of time was funny, and just the whole idea of entering a book and physically interacting with the fictional characters was so neat. I loved Thursday's trip into JANE EYRE and the ending of the book. Definite recommend.--Linda

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