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06/13/2004 Entry: "KUSHIEL'S AVATAR - wobbly but not bad -- Margaret"

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KUSHIEL'S AVATAR by Jacqueline Carey

[Question from Preeti: The database doesn't show anyone here as having read the third Carey book, KUSHIEL'S AVATAR. Is that accurate? And if you have read it, does the series end on an HEA note? After having read the first book, I'm not sure I'd expect it to.]

I've read it and can recommend it. Yes, there is a HEA.

I, too, couldn't see how Carey could achieve a HEA but she cheats on the romance, which is one of things that annoyed me about book 2, KUSHIEL'S CHOSEN. Early on in book 2, Joscelin abandons the vows that were so important to him in book 1, KUSHIEL'S DART. Phedré and Joscelin spend much of the book apart but eventually have a reconciliation. Joscelin goes back to his vow to protect and serve but seems to forget the one about celibacy. I intend to re-read the series some time and see if it makes more sense, but on first reading, they both behave irrationally and out of character in book 2. The relationship has a slight wobble in this final book, KUSHIEL'S AVATAR, but it's not too bad.--Margaret

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