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Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer

Book 1

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Who recommends: Preeti, Edith, JW, Julie, Robin, Lori, Shelley, Lynn, Rebekah, Catie, Danielle, Barbara, Isabel, Tanya, Shelly, Margaret
Who discommends:

A fun book with great characters, but a little hard to read. The romances, especially one, were a little abrupt at the point when the h/h finally got together. I thought it did well within the limitations of the style (letters back and forth between two people - the heroines).--Rebekah

I love this book. And so do all my friends. You can tell by the condition the poor old thing is in. It's been several times round the country...--Catie

How could anyone not love this book?--Danielle

SORCERY AND CECELIA - do I dare find fault with it? Okay, I dare - the first fault was that it took about 1/3 of the book to get used to the style. Was tempted to throw it flat against the wall when I realized the whole book was done that way. Okay, it's bound to get better. Really could not keep the two heroines straight. Both were fairly strong characters, similar - only difference was who they were interacting with and what they did. Now the heroes - those were distinct characters - and the rest of the cast ...

(Smile). Definitely going in my top 10 just because it turned out to be so delightful. Yep, a mixture of regency with a little magic thrown in. Intricate plotting that pulls everything together from two locations - you kept reading just to find out what was going to happen next. Did they ever fertilize Oliver, you wonder? and find yourself taking it for granted it really happened.

Wonderful characters, riveting, intricate plot, well crafted with a bit of mystery, romance, fantasy, action, two amusing romances.--Barbara

One of my very favourite books! Looks like everyone else agrees as well.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

Definite favourite: much more frivolous than 'Freedom and Necessity', although the epistolary format is similar. There's a sense that the characters in this novel are younger and more innocent - they're definitely frivolous themselves! Would love a sequel ...--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

I stayed up all night to finish it! This really was a wonderful book and I think that if I ever want to introduce someone to SFR, I'd try to find a copy of this for them since it's probably the closest thing to romance that I've read on the SFR database.--Shelly (1 Feb 00)

I recently reread Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer's SORCERY AND CECELIA and loved it. Not only am I a sucker for the regency setting and the magic, but I love novels made up of letters or that include lots of letters. It was one of the things I liked about Emma Bull and Steven Brust's FREEDOM AND NECESSITY (which I am also going to reread soon).--Shelley (25 Apr 02)

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