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Patricia C. Wrede

Book 2

Who recommends: Edith, JW, Julie, Lori, Shelley, Rebekah, Lynn, Catie, Isabel, Suzanne, Margaret
Who discommends:

This book fulfilled the promise of MAIRELON THE MAGICIAN. A fun book! It has a lot in common with a Regency Romance, though the magical system was also well thought-out and interesting. I liked the characters a lot and am glad she returned to write the sequel some years later. It also shows Wrede's maturity, since it was smoother and better plotted than the first.--Rebekah

If I'm honest, I thought the sequel was not up to the first book. They're still cherished possessions.--Catie

An enjoyable duo with Regency and magic but not quite in the same class as SORCERY AND CECILIA. I still want to track down a copy to keep one of these days.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

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