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Wen Spencer

Book 2
2002, Roc, June
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Who recommends: Linda, Preeti
Who discommends:

I highly recommend this sequel. It kept me up til 4 am reading it over the holiday because I knew I wouldn't have a chance to finish it during the day.<g> It's just about non-stop action when Ukiah and Max are hired by their friend Kraynak to find his missing niece. Turns out to be a lot more involved than the the missing neice with quite a few close death calls for Ukiah and lots more found out about Ukiah's past. Not as much in the romance since his fiancee Indigo doesn't come along though they stay in communication. Though Max has the start of a romance in this one. And of course I couldn't remember certain things from the last book but they eventually fill in the holes so you are caught up on it all. Excellent.--Linda (31 May 02)

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