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Wen Spencer

Book 1
2001, Roc, July
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Who recommends: Linda, JW, Shelley, Preeti, Lori, Edith
Who discommends:

I can't remember who recommended ALIEN TASTE, but whoever it was, you have my thanks! I found it fascinating. Although the romance is not central, it is nice, and I found the story engrossing. It gets a strong recommend from me. Here's a short description:

A boy is found running with wolves and named Ukiah Oregon after the place where he was found. He grows up to be an uncanny tracker, working missing persons cases as a private investigator. He becomes involved in a case that has him facing the mystery of his own origins, his unusual abilities, and his connection with a violent gang known as the Pack.

This is fast paced, suspenseful, and I was dying to know who and what Ukiah really was. Other characters, if less exotic, were equally interesting and well drawn. Anyone know anything about the author, Wen Spencer?--JW (20 Nov 01)

I also read Wen (short for Wendy) Spencer's ALIEN TASTE. Great read. I was totally caught up in the mystery of Ukiah's origins. As was mentioned before, this has a sweet romance that is important to the plot but is not the main focus of the book. Much more time is spent on the crime solving/self discovery aspects. Definite recommend. This is another author who I hope writes more books.--Shelley (03 Dec 01)

ALIEN TASTE by Wen Spencer: A very good book! Sort of an X-File-ish feel to it, for those of you who were fans of the show. Ukiah is a lovable, honorable, boyish character who is apparently a studmuffin in the eyes of women who view him. Raised by wolves, he's now an uncanny tracker and private detective who gets involved in a weird case which leads to ever more astonishing revelations. Along the way he falls in love with the FBI agent on the case. Great plotting and suspense, along with really likable characters.

How the heck did Pittsburgh get to be so important, though, that all people and events happened to converge there?? I must have missed that part of the story.--Preeti (29 Dec 01)

I think it took a while to suck me in, but it managed, in the end. Not a great book, for me, but definitely a recommend. As I've been having even more trouble reading lately than usual, it's hard to tell. At the time I finished this, picking it up again -- I cannot finish books in one sitting -- was a major accomplishment, and likely says something about the book.--Lori (30 Dec 01)

Really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one. I do wish there had been more development of a relationship between the hero and the FBI agent, though. I consider this romance lite. However, the hero and his partner, Max Bennet are fully characterized so I'm happy with that.--Edith (06 Jan 02)

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