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L.J. Smith

Night World Series Book 05

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Shelley, Tanya, Isabel, Linda
Who discommends:

The back cover copy of this one reminded me a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is what started me on this series. --Preeti (2 Oct 99)

Wow! This starts off with a bang, showing the encounter the heroine had with a vampire at the age of five that ended with the death of her family and her becoming a hated vampire hunter. This also has Quinn, a made vampire, as her soulmate, who is feared by humans and vampires both. This was a meeting of two like hunters who had both been through the fire. These books definitely don't always have perfect heros. Quinn was crossing the line as far as heros go. But I loved it anyway.<g>--Linda (2 Oct 99)

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