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Ann Maxwell
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Who recommends: Preeti, Rebekah, Shelley, Isabel, Lori
Who discommends:

Other couples have "our song" or "our flower, my d/h and I have "our book, TIMESHADOW RIDER. It's an intense love story about two outcasts who have been exiled for their ability to ride the shadows of time, into the future and past.

The woman is the survivor of a massacre of her psychically gifted people. The man is the pilot of a spaceship (with a jealous semi-sentient computer). They find in each other their soulmate, one who is ying to their yang, another with whom they will be a complete whole. Their powers have grown enough that they might be able to save the universe from a deadly plague, but they could destroy that universe themselves if they only give in to the overwhelming need to just ... touch.--Rebekah

Some one said they thought all the sensual stuff in TIMESHADOW RIDER was over the top, but I just thought it was kind of fun.--Shelley

I love this book! As someone else so justly mentioned in the database the prose DOES go a little over the top in some places but it just didn't matter to me while I was reading it. It works as a very satisfying love story and I always close the book with a sigh of contentment every time I finish it.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

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