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Ann Maxwell

Dancer Book 1

Who recommends: Preeti, Rebekah, Shelley, Lori, Isabel, Suzanne
Who discommends: Leila

In these "continuing adventures of ..." books, we follow the fiery (literally) romance of two very different people. One is small, sensual Fire Dancer Rheba and the other is huge Bre'n Warrior Kirtn. They meet while trying to escape from a slave planet and then take on the task of trying to return other liberated slaves. The biggest tragedy is that Maxwell stopped writing these books because she believed no one wanted to read them!--Rebekah

No, Maxwell stopped writing them because her publisher wasn't paying her enough money. She fought for a few years to get the rights back, but by that time had no desire to continue the series. I'm torn between respecting her stand, and being mad because she fails to finish series.--Lori

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