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Juliet Marillier

The Sevenwaters Trilogy Book 1
2000, May, Tor

Who recommends: JW, Edith, Danielle
Who discommends:

I can't remember if anyone else has mentioned this book, but I give it a strong recommend. It's a lyrical, romantic (in the broader sense, as well as in the boy/girl sense) retelling of the swans legend, where a young woman has to weave six magic shirts to free her brothers from a curse. There is a very nice romance (her true love is a lord among her people's enemies and the requirement that she remain mute until the curse is broken naturally causes difficulties) and the world created is rich and detailed. All in all, a very good read.

BTW, it's the first of a trilogy, but reads quite well as a stand alone.. As opposed to simply a "chapter one" ...--JW (24 Dec 01)

JW enjoyed DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST (Book 1) by Juliet Marillier and I did too. It was engrossing and if I were to find one flaw it would be that the hero is too perfect. But better too perfect than too toad-ish. It truly was a stand-alone book and the author should get a platinum star for that!! I started the second book but never finished.--Edith (30 Dec 01)

I've read the first two of the Sevenwaters books by Juliet Marillier - DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST and SON OF THE SHADOWS - and loved them. (Currently waiting to get CHILD OF THE PROPHECY from the library.) They are a trilogy, but stand alone very well, since each novel tells the story of a different generation.

The first book in particular is lovely, very emotionally powerful - it's based on the "seven swan brothers" story, so those of you who enjoy fairytale retellings should definitely check it out. She does like to put her characters through the angst mill, but I've been in the mood for some of that (followed by a HEA, of course).--Danielle (28 May 02)

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