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Margaret Mahy
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Edith, Lynn, Lori, Shelley, Isabel, Margaret
Who discommends:

Oh, and I did pick up THE CHANGEOVER, Preeti, and enjoyed it a great deal. Another excellent recommendation. It's amazing how well even a little subtle romance can work, isn't it?--JW

Read Mahy's CHANGEOVER a week or so ago and can also definitely recommend it. I really like the way this author writes. She is very good at conveying the added dimension the heroine sees. I plan to read her other books, too. I kept trying to figure out how old the heroine was (not being familiar with the NZ grade system). I had mentally categorized her as being around 15 or 16. So at the end I was a little disconcerted to finally realize how young she really was.--Edith

I wish THE CHANGEOVER had been available when I was a kid/teen; I would have loved discovering it. I enjoyed it, and found it to be a quick read, but I have a feeling I would have discovered more "magic" in it once upon a time--Lori

I received it from Amazon a few weeks ago, did not mean to read it right away. I read the first few pages just to get the flavor and ended up finishing it. Very good.--Shelley

Oh, I also managed to squeeze in THE CHANGEOVER after I finished DRAGONLORD. I liked the book but I think it suffered in its placement in my reading list. I need to reread it one of these days.--Isabel (03 Sep 99)

One of my favorite books. I have recommended it to a lot of people and have even sent copies flying around the world. Mahy has a number of YA books but I think this her only YA fantasy.--Margaret (19 Oct 00)

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