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Denise Little, ed.
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Who recommends: Lori, Lynn, Linda, Preeti, Kathleen, Isabel, Shelley
Who discommends:

I finished the anthology A DANGEROUS MAGIC. There are about 15 stories in it. My favorite by he romance authors was "A Little Death" by Susan Sizemore (the heroine is an Angel of Death) and "Legacy" by Roberta Gellis. There were 5 by romance authors and they all had a romance in it. They were all cute. Though Laura Hayden's was the oddest. She had an almost angel in it that had severe emotional problems. Luckily she wasn't the heroine. As far as the sci-fi/fantasy writers, only 2 had a romance and they had very good stories, especially Michelle West's vampire story. Hers luckily was the longest in the anthology (about 70 p). Most of the others were interesting reads even without a romance except for about 2 that were a little too far out or confusing for me. "Mushroom Tea" had a coffee mug that talked?? and "Teel Rules" was just confusing to me. I couldn't figure out if the hero was real or a ghost?? or exactly what the heroine was. Considering how short most of the stories were I thought the anthology was still pretty enjoyable. Andre Norton's was a ghost story and I definitely recognize her style of writing.--Linda

The quality varies in these short stories, but some are excellent.--Kathleen

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