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Rebecca Lickiss
book cover

2001, July

Who recommends: Shelley, Linda
Who discommends: Edith, Lori

Well, I finally read something that had to do with SFR (gasp);o). I picked up ECCENTRIC CIRCLES by Rebecca Lickiss. Quite a charming little book (it is thin, for those of you who are fellow sufferers of door-stop-itis). It has a light romance - definitly necessary to the plot.

The book starts out at the funeral of our heroines Great Grandma. Piper (the heroine) finds out she has inherited her Grandmother's victorian gingerbread style cottage and about two acres of land in the Denver area. On top of that her grandma was a book lover whose entire house is filled floor to ceiling with interesting books (fiction and non). The catch (which they tell you about on the cover blurb) is that the back door opens into the land of fairy. Well, this is supposed to be a catch - for me that would raise the value of the property...

This is definitly fairy-lite (as opposed to LKHs or some of the darker myths) but was a fun read. I would recommend for anyone who wants a cozy style of story to read.--Shelley (06 Aug 01)

(referring to Eccentric Circles) Really thought about ordering this but it didn't sound like it had any romance in it..--Linda

To be fair, I was serious when I said this was romance light - what is there is cute and the book falls with in our scope, but this is not the book I would pick up if you were craving a romance.--Shelley (07 Aug 01)

I discommend Rebecca Lickiss' ECCENTRIC CIRCLES. I'm in the middle of it right now and I don't plan on finishing it. The plot doesn't make any sense or the author is not good enough to convince me.--Edith (30 Dec 01)

I'm reading this now. Ver-r-y slowly. It has a number of problems. If I do end up recommending it, it's going to be an extremely mild one. But I'm leaning in the other direction.--Lori (03 Jun 02)

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