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Roby James

Book 1
Del Rey Discovery

Who recommends: JW, Edith, Linda, Barbara, Leila
Who discommends: Lynn, Danielle

I really wanted to like this book more than I did - I love books about psychic/psionic talents. I like arrogant characters, too. In fact, my biggest problem was that I preferred Ronica at the beginning of the book, before she got all humble. Now, she did need to grow up, but that's not the same thing as turning into a doormat. I also disliked the way Jemeret dominated her mentally. It's not a PC thing; I can read books with a strong element of domination, as long as the heroine fights it. Ronica just gave in, which really disappointed me (and I don't feel it was true to her character either). There was altogether too much Jemeret-worship for my taste; then again, he was far too perfect to believe.

I did finish it, because the plot was absorbing. The basic outline of what had happened to make Ronica lose her talent was pretty clear, but the details were intriguingly strung out. And the final revelation of the planet's role in the Com did surprise me. But I won't bother reading the second book, especially since the trilogy's not complete.--Danielle

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