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Marie Jakober
book cover

Who recommends: Julie, Danielle
Who discommends:

And, thanks also go to Julie, who lent me her copy of THE BLACK CHALICE by Marie Jakober. She found it reminiscent of Guy Gavriel Kay; I'd agree, with a few reservations. The genre is the same (alternate history/fantasy, fantistorical, or whatever you choose to call it) and conflict between religions, which is important in many of Kay's books, is also a main theme in CHALICE. But where Kay's writing style sometimes annoys me - too much conscious striving after effect - Jakober is much more earthy and _believable_ in writing of magic and sex. THE BLACK CHALICE would definitely fit into our list, since a romantic relationship between Karel, a disillusioned knight, and Raven, a pagan sorceress, is central to its plot. I recommend it strongly to anyone who likes Kay or medieval fantasy in general.--Danielle (02 April 01)

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