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Neil Gaiman
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Who recommends: Edith, Preeti, Lori, Catie, Rebekah, Julie, Margaret, Tanya
Who discommends:

Tristran Thorne lives in a small remote village in England next to The Wall. The Wall is the wall separating our world from Faerie. It's got an opening in it which is guarded by 2 villagers in shifts. No one is allowed through the wall except every 9 years when there is a fair on the Faerie side.

Tristran Thorn is madly in love with incredibly beautiful Victoria, as is everyone else in the village. One day he works up the courage to tell her how he feels and tells her he will do anything for her. She listens indulgently, finding him incredibly foolish and callow. She tells him that she will do what he wants if he will get her the star that just fell from the sky -- the star that fell on the other side of the Wall, deep in Faerie. This book tells of his journey and adventures in Faerie.

First of all I can recommend this book. It's got charm and it does have a very understated romance. But I didn't think this book was great. It could be that I'd heard so much about The Famous Clever Highly Talented Neil Gaiman, that I was expecting too much. Even so, it took me 100 pages before I felt that reading this book wasn't work. Once I got past that point, though it was enjoyable.--Edith

I also recommend Gaiman's STARDUST. It is a charming fairy tale, and I get the feeling that Gaiman has read all about Faery, about various myths and legends, and he's hinted at them throughout the story. The characters are a bit more distant than is usual for romance, but it still works on that level, too.--Lori

Read this last weekend, enjoyed it but haven't made up my mind just how much I like it yet. Quite unlike his other work - a lot lighter, in the sense of less doomladen and generally sunnier in tone - and it's reassuring that he can do a happy ending. (I cried when I finished 'The Sandman' sequence. Partly because there was no more).--Tanya

I read Neil Gaiman's STARDUST. I liked it. It was good. Any other commentary is beyond my flu-addled brain, but I thought I'd post since it's been a while since I read an SFR.--Rebekah (29 Jan 00)

A bit more about this - A fast read, fairly classic coming of age story. Gaiman again makes the Fairytale genre fresh and original. The ending is a touch melancholy but it wouldn't be a Gaiman if it wasn't. ;)--Rebekah (12 Feb 00)

OK but didn't really grab me the way some of his stuff, such as NEVERWHERE, did.--Margaret (19 Oct 00)

Recommended, though not his best.--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

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