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Jocelin Foxe
book cover

The Wild Hunt
1998, Avon Eos

Who recommends: Julie, Preeti, Lori, Shelly
Who discommends:

I will say right away that the romance is subtle--but integral to the story plot. It was rather a convoluted plot; with 13 huntsman as primary characters. That was the only distraction, trying to figure out who was who from their past life & what part they were playing in the story plot.

But it was an extremely well-done story. Definitely held my attention & would have been easier reading if I hadn't had to put it down & pick it up again. I will highly recommend it!

It's definitely a stand-alone but leaves enough loose ends to make you want a sequel. Good darn book. -- Julie

I did have a bit of trouble keeping all the characters straight, because there were so many. But really good. I'd pick up another book by Jocelin Foxe without thinking twice.--Lori

I just finished the Wild Hunt: Vengence Moon. I really enjoyed it. In case you don't know what it's about: Three goddesses have created The Wild Hunt as a curse upon men who do great harm in their lifetimes. Although I'm not sure of the justice of it because anyone who knows the words can curse a man, although supposedly they only put the ones who deserve it into the hunt. Anyway, their curse is to be called upon for acts of vengence which they must complete within one month, or all but the newest three will be burnt to death. They can be saved though it's difficult by a woman who loves them.

This book had a lot of characters, thirteen huntsmen, the princess who calls them, and the royal family of five she wants vengeance on for killing her brother. Each had distinct characters, and I was amazed at how easily I could tell them apart. This story threads were skillfully woven, and I had no idea until close to the end how the authors would manage to pull them all together.

Didn't someone here read the second book? I can't remember what was said about it and I didn't notice it in the database. Was it as good? Since I know the general story from the first book, I was wondering how the authors could keep a fresh approach and manage plot surprises like in the first.--Shelly (05 Feb 00)

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