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Lynn Flewelling
book cover

The Nightrunner Series Book 3

Who recommends: Rebekah, JW, Suzanne, Lori
Who discommends:

A really enjoyable Fantasy, with many interesting side characters and relationships, with the most sweet, most complex and interesting being the continuing romantic relationship between the two male main characters. At first, I was worried that this book was following the awfulness of many epic Fantasies and throwing out way too many names, factions, and side intrigues to remember, but I found myself knowing who was what by the end without a great deal of effort. The action moves along quickly without dropping any of the threads.

The main premise of the book is that Skala, Alec and Sergil's adopted land, is slowly losing a brutal war. Alec and Seregil find themselves part of a Queen's envoy to Auren in an attempt to bring the Aurenfaie out of their isolation and into the war on Skala's side. Seregil is returning to a homeland that has exiled him as a traitor and murderer many years ago, and his fear and desperate desire to see his home and family is one of the strong undercurrents of the book. Matters are soon complicated by intrigue, disloyalty, royal deaths back in Skala, and then murder and a desperate ride to stop the unthinkable.

TM is the third in a series, but the first two are really a duology with this one following up on many issues raised in the first two. I do recommend reading the first two before this one, since you'll get a great deal more out of it, but the third book is self-contained. Flewelling definitely leaves it open for many more books, and I hope she writes them!--Rebekah (30 Jul 99)

I finished Traitor's Moon, and wanted to add my recommendation. Lynn Flewelling's series is getting better as she goes along. She has a real knack for characterization, and the love story has progressed very nicely. The love scenes she creates for her heroes are very sweetly done. I read all three books within a few weeks - discovered the first two in the series at the library and then had to buy them all.--Suzanne (03 Sep 99)

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