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Lynn Flewelling
book cover

The Nightrunner Series Book 2

Who recommends: Rebekah, Lori, Suzanne, JW, Margaret
Who discommends:

I took a long lunch off of work and finished this one hiding in my car in the back of the office parking lot. :) I very much enjoyed this duology. It was very big, not just in page count, but in just the sheer volume of threads and subplots. The major story arc in the first book was only very loosely connected to the overall duology arc. The author managed to make it not feel jumbled, though, but more like how life is. The end of the second book has pretty dark, but with a largely happy ending. The burgeoning homosexual relationship was handled well, without preachiness or heavyhandedness, and with believable emotion. I'm hoping this is just a start of many "continuing adventures of ... " series.--Rebekah

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