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Max Daniels

Who recommends: Lynn, Barbara, Margaret
Who discommends:

aka Roberta Gellis

Now this had the kind heroine I like, smart, capable, always a step ahead of the bad guys and able to think on her feet. Lahks is a Changeling, looking for her father on a planet where women are outnumbered 10 to 1. And she runs into an odd pair named Stoat (and she mentions he somewhat looks like one) and Shom. It's Stoat that she discovers is pretty long-lived and just thinking about ending it all because eternity can get so b-o-r-i-n-g. Then he runs into Lahks and things enliven a bit, starting with the local Landlord wanting Lahks for his very own. The romance is comprised of a few sentences in the middle of the book - where Stoat is impressed with Lahks, and tacked onto the end. While the relationship between the two is entertaining, I would call it more comfortable than romantic. Nope, not enough romance for me.--Barbara (21 Aug 99)

I have always enjoyed The Space Guardian. It's a light and pleasant book, and is even funny in places.--Margaret (20 Mon 00)

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