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Cory Daniells
book cover

The Last Te'n, Book 1
1999, Bantam

Who recommends: Julie, Shelley
Who discommends: Lynn

I liked this book alot; but have reservations. My main problem is that there is no conclusion; it needs the sequel (due in fall 2000) to make a HEA. I'm really confused by the marketing of it. I first saw the title on the SF Site so was expecting this to be in sci-fi/fantasy. But it's being marketed as a romance. While there is a strong romance thread the relationship is not the main thrust of the story. To me it is a fantasy with a romance in it. And the damn thing left me hanging .... my biggest pet peeve.

Having just finished Anne Kelleher Bush's newest, which is marketed as fantasy, and then reading this one which is marketed as romance--I don't get it. To me the Bush book would have qualified more as romance than this one did. So, I'll be anxious to see if anyone has read this one and if/when you do how you feel about this. It was a really good book. I liked the world-building, the descriptions of the T'En, their customs and magic structure, and the interaction between Imoshen & Tulkhan. But the story wasn't done; too much plot left, and I don't mean the romance thread.--Julie

You can put me down as a recommend for Cory Daniells' BROKEN VOWS. Definitely the first book in a trilogy and it leaves a lot unanswered, so some of you might want to wait for the others. Good strong characters, you received both characters' points of view and understood their doubts and motivations. I am curious to see what happens next. Luckily, the trilogy seems to have a pretty fast publishing schedule.--Shelley (21 Aug 99)

Loved your take on BROKEN VOWS; same as mine. <g> I liked the characters so much that I just really wanted the story to continue. I wanted to see their growth, and closure to their relationship. She really had strong character development in this book; you watch them question their own beliefs when their worlds are turned upside down. I'm a die-hard non-reader of trilogies until they're all done and mistakenly read this one -- and again it reaffirms why I don't read them all until they're done. :) I just want to get to the end! Hopefully we'll see the rest of the story quickly.--Julie (22 Aug 99)

I'm a discommend on these. The first one was weak the second weaker. I won't be buying the third.--Lynn (10 Mar 02)

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