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Michelle Shirey Crean

Who recommends: Rebekah, Lynn, Lori, Barbara, Danielle, JW, Shelley
Who discommends: Julie, Shelly, JW

It's an engrossing read with an emphasis on relationships, but things are rather left hanging at the end, and as far as I know Crean has not written another book.--JW

DANCER OF THE SIXTH had a fairly strong romance going through it. Unfortunately, the publisher didn't want any more of her books. I think the author has a web site.--Lori

"Space opera" about a pilot who has trouble remembering her past. It was occasionally a little light on the plot part but fascinating piloting scenes and a deep powerful romance and a good dose of mystery. I thought I had guessed the ending, but the author managed to make me think I was wrong. An emotionally exhausting book for me, and a great first novel. I don't think Crean has done anything else, unfortunately, and this may be a little hard to find since it was a Del Discovery in 1993. If you haven't guessed yet, I recommend it! :)--Rebekah

I had real trouble making up my mind on this one, I think because it was so good in places yet disappointing in others. It had some very moving and romantic moments, and the relationships were intense, if not altogether satisfying. [See below for a discussion with spoilers]

And the ending! Talk about a cliffhanger. Now I know why Preeti curses Crean for not writing a second book. <g> Recommended, but not for those who can't stand a lack of resolution.--Danielle

I found it very distracting to bounce back and forth b/w Dancer's past love for Makallan and her current feelings for Michael. Although I was sure that they were the same person, it was emotionally confusing to have Dancer think of them as two different men. Plus I kept wondering how long it would take for her to figure it out.

I really think a sequel to this book (to give the resolution to their relationship) would make it a keeper. On its own it's too frustrating a read.--Danielle

I agree. I looked for a sequel for years. On its own, it is simply too incomplete.--JW

I was hesitant about reading this one since most of you said it needed a sequel, but I saw it at a library book sale for 25 cents and couldn't resist (Thanks Edith!). I liked reading the book; it kept me really interested. But I can't recommend it because of the ending.

I really liked the romantic/sexual tension between Dancer and Michael. Some authors can write it, some can't and Crean does it well and makes it believable. I didn't like that there was sexual tension between Dancer and every other male in the book. I'm sure she was attractive, but come on. That annoys me in novels (the Anita Blake syndrome).

I also found the ending to be way too sudden. Since she didn't resolve the question of Michael's identity until the last line of the book, she kept me guessing. However, her doing that left a whole lot of unresolved issues.

This kind of plot point usually occurs about 3/4 of the way through a romance novel, and usually represents a turning point in the h/h's relationship. To just stop after this major revelation is to leave the story unfinished, and is a major flaw from my point of view.

Her web page mentions that she wrote a prequel to this book. Unfortunately that's not what's needed. Maybe someday she'll get around to finishing the book.--Shelly (16 Nov 99)

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